Science Studies Faculty

The people listed below are faculty members affiliated with the Science Studies Group.  Click on a name to read a description of research interests and a website link.


Name Position
Noah Heringman Associate Professor, English
Stefani Engelstein Associate Professor, German & Russian Studies
Amit Prasad Associate Professor, Sociology
Kate Anderson Specialized Services Librarian, Health Sciences and Veterinary Medical Libraries
André Ariew Associate Professor, Philosophy
Miriam Golomb Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Adam Helfer Professor, Mathematics
Ted Koditschek Associate Professor, History
David Mehr William C. Allen Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Mark H. Palmer Assistant Professor, Geography
Martha D. Patton Associate Professor, English
J. Chris Pires Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Peter Scharf Professor, Plant Sciences
Carsten Strathausen Associate Professor, German & Russian Studies
Haskell Taub Professor, Physics
Marc Johnson Assistant Professor, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
A. Mark Smith Curators’ Professor, History