Amit Prasad


Associate Professor, Sociology

Other information

research description:
I am pursuing three lines of research.


(i) In recent times global, transnational, and postcolonial scapes of software and biotechnology development have been increasingly studied. Medical technology development and deployment has somehow remained marginal in such analyses despite the fact that in the last 30 years medical technologies have reordered the structure of medical research and healthcare all over the world. I am conducting a three-nation (US, India, and UK) study of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in order to put into broad relief transnational and postcolonial aspects of medical technology research, development, and clinical deployment. In particular, I am analyzing the role of transnational flows and the impact of their control and regulation on medical technology development and clinical deployment.


(ii) Emergence of computer-assisted medical imaging technologies such as MRI has transformed medical visualization and diagnosis. I have analyzed how the medical gaze produced by MRI operates in radiological laboratories. I am further investigating how the medical gaze has changed with the emergence of computer-assisted medical technologies. I am also analyzing transnational networks of radiological diagnostic procedures (commonly and often pejoratively referred to as “outsourcing”).


(iii) I am also involved in another project with Srirupa Prasad (University of Missouri) to study issues of medical privacy and medical data digitization in the context of medical transcription ‘outsourcing’ to India. We are analyzing the institutional and power dynamics in such transnational practices of medicine and showing how such practices are constituting different and hierarchical identities and rights across as well as within different nation-states.


relevant courses:
SOC 3460 Science, Technology, and Society